Galliford Try

Improved sleep and stress management – big factors in improving health and reducing accidents

Stress on a Construction site
A case study from Galliford Try, a large construction group

A significant improvement in sleep and stress management

Construction is a sector where stress and suicide are tangible issues with some of the worst rates of mental ill-health of any industry. Construction workers in the US, for example, are five times more likely to die from suicide than all other causes combined. There is also significant evidence that people are more susceptible to health and safety incidents when they are tired and/or under stress. Delivering the BIOStress programme to Galliford Try at their Brent Cross site, we were able to measurably improve stress management and sleep in the first 4 months.

We carried out our unique three stage BIO programme


  • Unique biometric benchmark of workplace stress

  • Individual report and dashboards of stress
  • One to one session with specialist in workplace stress

  • Organisational workplace stress benchmark report and dashboard


  • Personalised stress management plan

  • Personalised goal setting
  • World leading stress management and wellbeing programmes.

  • Organisational recommendations and improvement plan


  • Quarterly biometric assessment of workplace stress

  • Individual dashboards of stress

  • Quarterly organisational workplace stress report

  • Recommendations for optimising the programme


1.2 hours

Improvement in sleep time


Improvement in sleep quality 


Less time spent in the high-stress zone


Improvement in resilience 

Stress in a construction worker

More than the numbers

Sometimes, results are more important than the numbers, they are about people’s lives. You can read our blog about how we try to make a difference to the lives of people.

What employees said

100% needed in construction.


Very useful. Unless you’re told, you won’t do anything about what’s wrong. No access to this kind of help otherwise. Invaluable!


My job is to look after people – this is very important (good for me to know my team are OK, I want to protect them)