Revolutionising workplace stress using biometric data

We are revolutionising the understanding and management of workplace stress using easy-to-wear biometric devices.

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BIOStress dashboards

A revolution in workplace stress

  • Objectively measure stress using easy to wear biometric devices

  • Understand how stress impacts wellbeing and productivity

  • Proactively improve wellbeing with personalised stress management programmes

For the first time, you can objectively understand and improve workplace stress – helping to improve wellbeing, retain staff, save costs and boost performance.

Our revolutionary approach


  • Unique biometric benchmark of workplace stress

  • Individual report and dashboards of stress
  • One to one session with Occupational Therapist and specialist in workplace stress
  • Organisational workplace stress benchmark report and dashboard


  • Personalised stress management and wellbeing plan
  • Personalised goal setting
  • World leading stress management and wellbeing content.
  • Regular check-ins to help reach the goals
  • Regular behavioural nudges to stay on track
  • Organisational recommendations and improvement plan


  • Annual biometric assessment of workplace stress
  • Individual report and dashboards of stress
  • Organisational workplace stress report and dashboard
  • Recommendations for optimising the programme

Delivering remarkable results

A case study from Bupa

Working with leading scientists at UCL and Bath University, we delivered our unique workplace stress BIO programme in two Bupa contact centres. Delivering some remarkable results.



Reduction in perceived stress

by identifying the gap between perceived and actual stress and helping employees to reframe stress


Average improvement in sleep

by tailoring interventions to those that need it most


Less time spent in the stress zone

using objective data to identify causes of stress


Net Promoter Score

with everybody recommending it to their colleagues


Always refreshing to compare what’s actually happening vs. what you think. Actually seeing the data, inspires you to do something


So insightful, helps you understand so you can make changes


Honestly. It’s really useful to have the insight, everyone should do it. If you get the chance you should bloody well go for it!


Why Choose Biostress?

For the individual

  • Each employee receives a personalised stress report that identifies and helps address the causes of stress

  • This is linked to a personalised wellbeing programme focused on key areas of sleep, nutrition, exercise and relaxation

  • Personalised one to one session and repeat measurement drives the motivation to make improvements

workplace stress
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For the organisation

  • Objective understanding of stress, its impact on employees and on performance

  • An ongoing measure of stress that allows organisations to adopt, for the first time, evidence-based practices to improve workplace stress.

  • Report on the relationship between stress, resilience and performance to inform productivity enhancement

  • Stress and wellbeing improvement programmes with measurable results

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