World-leading stress management training

As world leaders in understanding and improving stress management, we are perfectly positioned to provide training for your teams. Our training utilizes the latest research and insights to help your people understand stress and learn how to improve their stress management.

Our stress management training can help reduce staff turnover, sickness absence and presenteeism.

Our stress management training utilizes our ground-breaking research to help your teams better understand and manage their stress. Training is designed around your requirements from 2 hours to 2 days, online or in-person and includes:  

  • What is stress?

  • Understanding the difference between perception (psychological) and reality (physiological)

  • Your attitude to stress

  • Practical ways to better manage stress

  • Moving from a threat to a challenge

Organisations we’ve worked with

Always refreshing to compare what’s actually happening vs. what you think. Actually seeing the data, inspires you to do something


So insightful, helps you understand so you can make changes


Honestly. It’s really useful to have the insight, everyone should do it. If you get the chance you should bloody well go for it!